3 Killer Tips That Double Your Presentation Effectiveness

“If I were to give 3 tips on how to be much more effective presenting – what would I say?”

That was the question I asked myself this morning when a friend emailed me asking for some tips. Everyone speaks, and everyone becomes more effective and confident as they learn to speak better to a group. So why not be a standout now, and learn to be exceptional at speaking? Here is a gift in the form of three top tips that you can use, send to other people who speak, and start to apply right away. These are basics that will get you started today. Please don’t read this unless you are serious about using the tools. Otherwise what you read will be of no value to you. Instead, make a commitment to do it the very next time you speak. The 3 most important things

Killer Tip #1: Structure your entire talk around stories. Tell a story – make a point, tell a story – make a point, tell a story – make a point… sum it up, then get off the stage. Why? Humans are hard-wired to learn through story. Pictures and analogies are great for right-brain thinkers; numerical lists (ie: the top 5 reasons…) are great for right-brain thinkers, but story allows you to bring both types of people on board right away. You can embed statistics in a story. You can create pictures and anecdotes in a story. Numerous statistical studies have proven that people forget facts but remember and repeat stories. You must learn to be a better storyteller no matter what your job is if you ever want to try to enroll anyone in your project / vision / mission / idea / product / cause. How?

“Have you ever told a story that went all over the place? Have you ever given one? The problem is the story didn’t start off in the right place”. (Craig Valentine, Keynote Speaker and 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking – get his book – read his blog, he’s an absolute master). Every story must start off with a foundational phrase. A foundational phrase is a phrase fewer than 10 words that sums up what your story is about. Start with this. Then, and only then, start writing your story. Then edit your story and take out anything that doesn’t support the phrase. For example, in one of my keynotes I use the foundational phrase “your feet can’t move when your heart stands still”. In other words – you can only move so far when you are not following your passion. The story is about one company I started that I was not passionate about, and what happened as a result. That phrase guides all the other content of the story. Say this phrase at the beginning, then again at the end.

Killer Tip #2: Use PowerPoint as a tool, not a master. Whether you read Carmine Gallo, Matt Church, Guy Kawasaki or any guru on presentation skills they are 100% united on the way to use PowerPoint. That’s because research was done on how people process information – and it showed that the traditional bullet-point PowerPoint style simply does not work. So why do people do it? Same reason people do most things: it has become a norm. If you want to stand out from the norm and be remembered – do this instead: – one picture, one phrase, one sentence-long explanation per slide. Use hi-res images and yes its worth paying for them (iStockphoto or Flikr are among the best) – choose an image that embodies the idea you want to express: be creative. For example I use an image of a newborn grasping the finger of its father under the point “vulnerability” in a business keynote – use the “B” key – this blacks out your slides so you can take centre-stage again – don’t use bullet points

Killer Tip #3: Remove all ‘ums’ from your language – and replace them with pauses. During one of my seminars I take people through an exercise that immediately reduces the um/ah factor and encourages pausing. But you don’t need to wait for that – you can get started now. What I suggest is: – record yourself reading out a paragraph from any book – read the same passage putting in “ums” and “ahs” at a conversational frequency – read the same passage, replacing “ums and ahs” with pauses Listen to the difference. The difference in your ability to process what you are hearing is like night and day. Hearing is believing – so hearing this, you’ll immediately start using ums and ahs a lot less. This exercise doesn’t work if you imagine it. It takes 5 minutes, but the difference it makes will be yours for life. So there you have it. Above all – have fun with it and be you… but a heightened version of you.

PS: In a world where ideas are commodities; your ability to express them makes you a standout.

Business Debt Negotiation – Settling Your Business Debts

Business debt Negotiation has become more and more a popular option in recent years like the most successful debt solution in the market for any financial difficulties. People can apply for business debt negotiation or personal debt negotiation but one of the main problems nowadays is that the internet has lots of misinformation about these processes, causing people to distrust these programs, due to the huge amount of scams on the net.

- What is business debt negotiation?-

Business debt negotiation is a process by which businesses negotiate with their creditors to reduce the balance of their total amount of debt. Depending on the client’s circumstances, the creditors will decide what percentage the debt will be reduced to, the reduction can be as low as 40 to 50 percent. Once the creditor receives the funds the account will be zeroed out and your business will be debt free again.

- How does business debt negotiation affect the credit score? -

If you have been paying your debt on time and you are used to having your accounts current your credit score will surely be affected, and the business debt negotiation program will have a negative impact on your account, but there is one detail worth mentioning, before you attempt to apply for the business debt negotiation program, you see, before a creditor decides to see the possibility of accepting less than the complete balance as payment, your account must be in a delinquent state meaning that at least your business will have to be behind 3 months on monthly payments.

After your business has settled or negotiated every account and every deal has been paid then the account is closed and is reported as paid in full and the credit report will reflect a zero balance on each account. After that, each account of the credit report will begin to return to a number that is acceptable and eventually you will be able to obtain a mortgage, a car loan, or any other type of credit, once again. This happens generally a few months after finishing the whole process of the business debt negotiation.

- Is there any tax liability after applying the business debt negotiation program? -

When the creditor has already agreed to settle your account for less than the full amount, they are required by the IRS to report the canceled debt, if the amount of the forgiven debt is $550 or greater you may have to pay some taxes, although there is a possibility that you may not be required to do so if you can prove that you were “insolvent” at the time you finished settling your debts.

Here is some advice for those businesses that are suffering from debt and are thinking about applying for the business debt negotiation program:

Do not wait until your business has gone bankrupt, because there are several ways of helping you with your debts, although bankruptcy may seem very useful, it is at first, but like any radical solution it also brings lots of side effects that you will have to carry for several years to come. It is not easy to make decisions being a business entrepreneur, that is why you should always look out for the professional counseling that the business debt negotiation program offers. After successfully finishing the program you can enjoy of the learning programs that the business debt negotiation program has that will help you make decisions regarding your business financial future and will guide you both through the debt free road.

We have different articles on interesting topics and experiences from current and former clients with our programs. Take a look at related topics of different situations on Business Debt Negotiation that people can fall into and how to keep yourself a debt free person.

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A Look At The Improvements Present On The New HTC Sensation XE

Not so many months ago we were writing about the new HTC Sensation, a phone that was set to take the smartphone market by storm thanks to some great specification. This model is still one of the superior handsets available but an updated Sensation XE device is set to be launched with some fairly impressive features.

There are two major differences between the original handset and the new XE device. The main improvement will be to the delight of music lovers as the model incorporates Beats Audio, a technology that improves the audio playback on the model by enhancing both software and hardware that is supplied with the phone. The hardware update is in the form of high quality new headphones that are supplied with the device which offer a much better frequency response especially on lower frequency sounds. The software built into the phone detects when these headphones are plugged in and switches the handset from standard audio mode to Beats mode in order to optimise the music playback. You do not have to be a music lover however to benefit from some of the other improvements that this model offers. The original Sensation was a very fast phone and the XE steps this speed up a gear by offering a massive 1.5Ghz dual core processor which is coupled with an impressive 768MB of RAM memory.

The new HTC Sensation XE comes supplied with a powerful 1730mAh battery that should help eliminate some of the problems the original model experienced in the battery life department. This new cell should offer users an excellent standby time of around 540 hours when connected to a 3G network and a talk time of approximately 7.4 hours. Design wise the model sticks with the same aluminium design that the original phone offered but this has been spiced up with some attractive looking red elements together with a much darker finish rather than the silver and bronze look sported by its predecessor. This look is certainly eye catching and undoubtedly makes this phone one of the most stylish looking handsets available. The HTC Sense user interface is present once again together with all of the advantages that it offers especially when it comes to social networking thanks to the excellent Friendstream feature which collaborates a host of your accounts together in one easily manageable location.

The HTC Sensation XE is a great phone that takes all of the superb features that were offered on the original model and updates certain aspects. The result is a phone that boasts ultra modern looks and high speed operation together with unrivalled audio quality.